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A Web Tool for Logistics Companies and Their Clients

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A Web Tool for Logistics Companies and Their Clients

About the client

Transporeon is a logistics management platform provider. Their platform allows shippers, forwarders, carriers, and retailers to easily move, manage, and monitor freight. With over 1,300 connected shippers, 145,000 carriers, and 100 retailers, Transporeon's platform digitalizes transportation management – from procurement to bill settlement.

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Project overview

Andersen was contacted by Transporeon to augment their in-house software development team. The task was to build a cloud logistics platform capable of matching the requirements of a wide network of shippers, suppliers, retailers, cargo recipients, and carriers. Over the course of 35 months, our expert IT and AQA engineers worked alongside Transporeon to deliver a comprehensive digital logistics platform enabling real-time visibility, analysis of industry trends, and transportation execution.

Andersen's cross-functional team also helped with creating a reporting system and a freight bid management platform. We contributed to the optimization of the platform performance and extension of its functionality, including a platform for time slot management and a rate management app. On top of that, our professionals contributed to back-end software development, ensuring the security and effective functioning of the customer's hybrid mobile apps.

As a result of this collaboration, Transporeon's business underwent extra digitization of logistics and experienced significant savings, with thousands of euros saved monthly due to the transition to freely available types of data uploads. The customer was impressed with our proficiency in various technologies and ability to integrate seamlessly into their in-house team.

duration35 months
Dashboard screen
Dashboard screen

Andersen’s expert team of developers and AQA specialists was entrusted with resolving a complex tech challenge for over 1,300 active global shippers and over 120,000 carriers. As the result, the requested web-based logistics software had to be capable of managing transportation flows, cargo, and goods more efficiently and sustainably.

Since this logistics software project was ambitious and long-running, several teams were formed and collaborated with the customer's employees. Together, these teams worked on and accomplished several different tasks, ranging from building a mobile app in addition to the web platform to delivering various modules. The modules include such components as a slot management tool, a transport assignment feature, and many more.

Order tracking screen
Order tracking screen

App functionality

While being involved in this complex web-based transportation management software project, Andersen successfully tackled numerous challenges, encompassing:

  • Real-time visibility (keeping shippers, carriers, and recipients fully informed and constantly updated via a smart solution relying on the existing telematics data);
  • An eCMR (with such capabilities as creating ePDF docs, transferring them directly to shippers and carriers, etc.);
  • Thorough analysis of network organization, transport flows, and locations with subsequent optimization of transportation flows, centralization/decentralization, inventory allocation, automatic offer validation, etc.;
  • A transportation execution module (i.e., a freight execution solution that helps to manage and execute contracted shipments between partners within a single platform);
  • Analysis of industry trends and developments for more accurate target rates, effective budget planning, and access to the up-to-date market knowledge;
  • ETA calculation, customized notifications, delivery confirmation, and controlled temperature monitoring;
  • A rate management tool (import and export of Excel and CSV files, smart spreadsheet formatting with all data stored in one database, and fully customizable rate tables and rate structures).


Together with the customer's team, all the objectives were successfully accomplished. Andersen helped Transporeon digitize its logistics business via modern solutions made easily available for all end-users. Also, our team contributed to the optimization of the platform's performance and extension of its functionality.

During this cooperation, we were working on the development of several solutions. One of them was a platform for time slot management, via which 23 million time slots are booked every year. On top of that, it can optimize the efficiency of warehouse functions and significantly reduce the waiting time for trucks.

Another software solution that our team has developed is the rate management app. It uses several defined criteria to find the most suitable forwarding agent and calculates the related transportation prices. Namely, users can flexibly specify their rate structures and store associated rates in the system. They can also benefit from pricing based on various transportation parameters within the user interface.

A lot of work was dedicated to back-end software development. The purpose was to ensure real-time visibility and the effective functioning of the customer's hybrid mobile apps. Further, we were asked to ensure their security, authentication, SSO, and authorization.

Andersen's cross-functional IT team also assisted with creating a freight bid management platform and a reporting system for storing the docs in a centralized fashion and linking them directly to the relevant transportation units.

Finally, we helped the customer with setting proper logistics management service testing flows.

Project results

  • Collaboration between Andersen's experts and the customer's in-house software development team has resulted in a mobile app with various modules;
  • The customer now saves more than €10,000 monthly due to the transition to free data uploads and libraries;
  • The solution has allowed the customer to digitize their logistics business and optimize platform performance and functionality.

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