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A Web Design and Development Project for a Car Company

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A Web Design and Development Project for a Car Company

About the client

Andersen's customer in this project is a leading Gulf-based auto distributor. As a holding company, it is the local official partner of some of the world's top car brands. In addition, the company is engaged in various business lines, including genuine service and spare parts, leasing, automotive aftermarket services, warehousing offerings, and car rental.

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About the project

Redesigning and redeveloping the customer's old website serving as their digital visit card.

Designing, engineering, and deploying a high-quality eCommerce presence specifically for the customer's new ambitious car rental website development project. This project of our customer involves collaborating with an external partner in the spot rental business, aiming to provide a seamless solution for end-clients' transportation arrangements, including various mobility solutions like subscriptions and short-term lease products.

Duration3 months
Adobe Experience Manager
Azure DevOps Server
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Business Context

The customer's primary objective is to establish itself as the leading auto distributor in the region, measured by high client satisfaction rates. In order to achieve this goal, the customer pursues a range of strategies. They include recruiting professionals and providing regular training to all frontline staff members, ensuring they are well-equipped to exceed client expectations. The core rationale behind these efforts is to simultaneously retain existing clients by delivering valuable services and attracting new ones. Achieving this objective requires robust software solutions, which is why Andersen, as a company building reliable custom software for cars, was approached.


In order to make meaningful progress toward the company's objective, it was requested to design, engineer, and deploy an exclusive eCommerce presence intended for Pre-Owned Vehicle Business Operations. This was expected to feature a user-centric approach for better UX that, at the end of the day, would serve as an effective tool for boosting customer engagement, promoting brand recognition, and increasing online sales revenue.

App functionality

  • Andersen successfully redesigned the website so that it could be the customer's digital business card. Its integration with the AEM CMS was also requested from our developers to ensure a headless approach to managing the website;
  • Additionally, our team is making progress now with the design and development of the new website and its car rental functionalities. It is expected that our deliverables will address every conceivable user need, ranging, in the future, from convenient search to secure payments.
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  • The customer required a digital business card that would highlight their leading position in the market. Andersen's UX/UI designer proposed a solution to emphasize a unique UX and reinforce this association via the website;
  • On top of that, the customer insisted on implementing a headless approach to the Content Management System, having chosen Adobe AEM CMS. Consequently, we developed the website using React, and the integration with Adobe is currently in progress.

Project results

As a result of our engagement in this IT project, the following milestones have been achieved:

  • The implementation of the website redesign has been completed;
  • Ongoing and successful integration of the website with Adobe CMS, as per the customer's request, is in full progress;
  • Design efforts dedicated to the car rental system project are successfully underway. After that, our web engineers will be entrusted with implementing this design in practice.

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