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Europcar, a Scandinavian market player and part of the world's largest car rental network, offers a platform with a web admin and cross-platform mobile app for renting and booking vehicles worldwide. The platform gives access to more than 190,000 vehicles and 13,000 rental stations. In collaboration with them, we delivered one of the best cross-platform app development examples that can be found in our portfolio.

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Project overview

Andersen partnered with Europcar to bring their vision of a digital car rental platform to life. The result is a well-architected serverless app consisting of a front-end web application and mobile app that interact with a range of basic microservices. Via the app, users can rent or book cars, filter options based on their class, cost, size, fuel consumption, and location, and access the car via Bluetooth. The app was designed to be user-friendly and easy-to-use, and it generated positive reviews from clients. The solution also provided flexibility for adding new API functionalities as the need arises. The successful project caught the eye of Europcar and was acquired as a white-label solution. Kristian Karimo, CEO at OurCnC, praised our dedicated and talented team for establishing a smooth workflow throughout the car rental app project.

Andersen's specialists developed a well-architectured serverless app following the best industry practices. The architecture itself consists of a front-end web app (CRM) and a mobile app interacting with a range of basical microservices. As a result, top-notch car rental capabilities have been ensured. Amazon Services were used to deliver this IT project, including S3, SQS, SNS, SES, RDS, CloudWatch, Lambda, API Gateway, Step Functions, CloudFront, Route 53, Elastic IP addresses, and SSM.

duration36 months
React Native
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Web and mobile versions of Europcar's platform

App functionality

The resulting mobile car rental solution is very easy-to-use. All end clients need to do is install it, register with a phone number or any social media account, and add their ID and driving license info. After that, users can find the closest location and pick up a suitable car. Once the car is chosen, the user receives a password that allows them to open the vehicle via Bluetooth. Payment is conducted post-factum. Below is a more detailed and tech-oriented description of the project deliverables:

  • Mobile app (user management, keyless access to cars, etc.);
  • Analytics (gathering clients’ feedback);
  • Management panel (management of clients, stations, tasks, rental procedures, analytics, employees, etc.);
  • Integration of third-party components (i.e. AWS as cloud solutions, the Stripe payment system as a gateway for online payments, CSM devices for remote control, Helpshift for communication with end clients and FAQ, etc.);
  • Ensuring the app is accessible for all users.


As mentioned above, this example of cross-platform apps consists of a mobile app and its management panel. Both iOS and Android-based devices can use this convenient mobile app so that their owners can enjoy the best possible user experience.

Project results

  • Andersen's IT experts have created both the technical requirements and the design for this cross-platform application;
  • The adaptable architecture of the IT solutions makes it simple to add new API features to satisfy evolving client demands;
  • The resulting IT product has significantly reduced the number of human-caused errors;
  • Thus, our team has developed a user-friendly product that proves its effectiveness in such a competitive market;
  • As a result, one of Europe's largest rental car companies has purchased the app as a white-label solution.

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