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A Financial Blockchain-Based Software Testing Project

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A Financial Blockchain-Based Software Testing Project

About the client

ING, a global bank and our customer, approached us when looking for a trusted vendor of penetration testing services. Andersen's goal was to provide QA coverage for financial Blockchain-based software.

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Project overview

Performing penetration testing of the customer's web platform, infrastructure (including Wi-Fi networks), as well as code analysis for vulnerabilities.

duration2 months


THC Hydra, SQLmap

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The scope of the penetration testing done by Andersen


The project is based on blockchain technology and has quite a lot of API integrations. The infrastructure is distributed between several countries. Also, the customer didn't have a test environment - the application was tested in a productive environment, agreeing on test times (when a load is the lowest) and using techniques that could cause a service crash or decrease in performance.

Project Results

Penetration testing revealed quite serious problems with arbitrary API calls without authorization, insecure account password changes, and insecure Docker infrastructure.

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