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An Asset Management App

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"Andersen augmented the staff of an accounting SaaS company. The team provided development services to help build out the company's platform."

An Asset Management App

About the client

The business goal that AssetBook pursues is to assist advisors with tackling their daily professional challenges via evaluation and diagnosis of their portfolio management and reporting practices, as well as with the crucial applicable business metrics.

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About the project

Andersen helped the customer develop a modern, dependable, and high-performing asset management app. With the app at their disposal, end-users are able to spend much less time and effort evaluating the performance of their client's portfolios. For maximum convenience and efficiency, we took care of the asset management UI design as well. It enables users to run portfolios based on, among other things, the tracking of the asset condition and price, dynamics, pre-defined periods for measurements, profits and losses, etc. Finally, we provided high-level help with QA for such a demanding project.

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While working on this IT asset management solution, our team faced and successfully resolved a range of challenges, including:

  • Absence of detailed documentation, which was impeding effective onboarding;
  • Tough deadlines for the planned release;
  • The requirement for the solution to function across four different browsers and two operating systems.
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The customer obtained a web and mobile platform relying on client-server architecture and a service approach. This platform makes it possible to monitor, report, and manage IT portfolios. End-users can allocate assets, track wealth, and ensure dependable custodial and tech integrations. The range of functionalities and features we delivered encompasses:

  • Engaging, simple, and intuitive portfolio management system engineered with an open API;
  • Screens created to address most questions concerning portfolios – e.g. an overview of portfolio performance, tax considerations, or asset administration;
  • Powerful allocation monitoring capability featuring several layers for classification and reporting;
  • An automated fee billing system;
  • Portfolio cash management feature;
  • Advanced capabilities for tax planning and management;
  • Tools for collaboration and client engagement.
Testing the app business logic (API) using Postman.

Project results

  • Major defects in production have been prevented;
  • Product satisfaction in the app store has improved, and the average score has risen;
  • Test coverage has risen to 95%;
  • The testing process has become crystal-clear and transparent for the stakeholders.

Customer review


Chief Technology Officer


Review verified by clutch and matches the customer’s words

While the engagement is ongoing, the development work so far has met the expectations of the internal team. Andersen provides quality services in a timely manner, leading to an extended partnership. The team is talented, professional, and personable.