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An IoT-Based Health Tracking Solution for Medical Professionals


"We are happy with the effective UI Andersen has developed for our healthcare app"

An IoT-Based Health Tracking Solution for Medical Professionals

About the client

Emfit is a pioneering manufacturer of devices to track, measure, and monitor vital health parameters. All this data needs to be collected and processed in a contactless fashion.

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Project overview

Andersen's customer is a pioneering manufacturer of devices to track, measure, and monitor vital health parameters in a contactless fashion. Before Andersen was approached, they had already developed some portions of the app. The resulting solution, however, functioned incorrectly and lacked one of the key features, i.e. the capability to administer the system. The company also needed to automate its work on user requests. Andersen built an IoT solution unleashing the potential of ballistocardiography to the fullest extent possible.

duration36 months


JavaScript, Angular.js


Node.js, PHP, Golang


Ionic, Cordova, iOS, Android




Gulp, Bower

Concept illustration
Screens displaying patients' vital signs

App functionality

Andersen's IT engineers developed an IoT tool functioning on a ballistocardiography basis. It connects with ferroelectric sensors to obtain a graphical representation of the repetitive movements of a human body. They take place as a result of a sudden ejection of blood into large vessels with every heartbeat.

As a result, the tool can:

  • Collecting a wide range of health data
  • Analyze and display sleep statistics based on collected data
  • Notifу medical personnel in case of emergency


Andersen's IT specialists delivered a reliable device app analyzing sleep cycles. It records all required health indicators of sleep statistics, such as heart rates, even convulsions, etc. In addition, it can notify medical staff when necessary. The data itself is highly personalized, thus all the cyber security requirements are fully met.

As an outcome, that monitoring and tracking solution provides a detailed description of sleep quality and recovery progress. With such data, it is possible to make well-informed decisions regarding daily workouts, meetings, and other important activities.

Project results

The system managed to ease night shifts for hospital staff. Nurses always know whether all patients are in bed or someone feels bad. Automation of the work with user requests allowed the customer to process requests faster, increasing users’ loyalty.

On top of that, additional calculation algorithms made it possible to increase the accuracy of data received. The resulting system enabled the customer to process data supplied by 12,000 devices simultaneously.

Thus, the customer can now use an effective IT tool for precise monitoring and tracking that offers such capabilities as:

  • Being able to assess the recovery levels of heart muscles (crucial for professional athletes, elderly people, and patients with chronic heart diseases)
  • Being able to record patient indicators remotely at clinics with notifications sent to medical staff when needed (e.g. epileptic seizures)
  • Being able to further use the API for academic research


Satisfaction rate


Data accuracy increase

Customer review


We are completely satisfied with Andersen as a partner. We are happy with the effective and innovative interface that Andersen has developed for our healthcare app. Thank you and hope our further cooperation will remain fruitful.

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