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An Enterprise-Level Mobile App for Direct Marketing

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An Enterprise-Level Mobile App for Direct Marketing

About the client

This project was initiated by a European manufacturer offering products for health, wellness, and beauty. They are known for their successful network marketing approach to distribution.

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Project overview

The company needed an iOS and Android app for its distribution partners. The aim of the app was to enable the partners to do business better and more effectively.

The business lacked an app for its team partners – i.e. those who sell the company's products, present the company to other people, and sign up new team partners while not being directly employed.

As such, Team Partners needed a reliable tool to showcase the company, its success stories, products, etc. The resulting tool was expected to remove any inconveniences during the presentation process.

Thus, it was necessary to provide Team Partners with a solution capable of effectively presenting the Company at any moment, both online and offline. On top of that, the solution was required to be capable of keeping the info about the people that Team Partners would communicate with.

duration7+ months
Middleware API
Storyblok CMS
React Native




Firebase, React-navigation, Jest, Enzyme, CI/CD with App Center

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The registration and log-in pages of the marketing app

App functionality

With the new application at their disposal, individual partners of the company are in the position to do their business on the go, whenever they need it:

  • They can show demos in order to motivate other people to buy products and become new individual partners
  • Respective notes can be added to the contacts on the list to track all the communication details. Reminders can be added to business contacts as well
  • Testimonials, AKA success stories, can now be collected and showcased
  • Each of them can compile, keep, and expand their name lists of business contacts. Their existing lists can be easily synchronized with the provided application
  • An informative and visually engaging image catalog is now instantly accessible channels with new business contacts
  • The Team Partner registration became much easier and more seamless. End-users personal ID cards are also accessible via the app
Concept illustration
Adding users to the system and viewing their details


Andersen has successfully built an enterprise-level solution with advanced direct marketing capabilities. The resulting cross-platform mobile app features a complete set of tools that Team Partners may require. Among other things, it includes:

  • Possibility to present the company by showing business testimonials, its catalog, corporate video content
  • Capability to register people as new Team Partners
  • A list of applicable contacts
  • Communication channels with new business contacts
Concept illustration
Viewing list of team members and exchanging messages

Thus, the Company's Team Partners no longer need print materials or PCs to present business opportunities. Also, they don't need an internet connection, paper forms to register new partners, or any third-party tools to store their business contacts.

Project results

  • 5.0 rating on Google Play and App Store;
  • Threefold increase in partners' satisfaction and loyalty rates;
  • Presenting the company, its products, and success stories expeditiously;
  • Easy and seamless Team Partner registration process;
  • Instant access to informative and visually engaging image catalog;
  • Access to communication channels and robust contact management for new business opportunities, even while offline.

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