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A Logistics Blockchain-Based Platform for Freight Booking

Frank Sander

Frank Sander

CTO at BC Platform

"By supporting our IT project, Andersen reduced the development time"

A Logistics Blockchain-Based Platform for Freight Booking

About the client

Andersen's customer was a team of Blockchain enthusiasts working in the Logistics industry. They requested a Blockchain-fueled platform for freight booking.

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Project overview

Owing to the potential of blockchain technologies and AI, the resulting logistics IT platform enables shippers to automate monotonous workflows, optimize business processes, detect bottlenecks, and identify logistics process challenges. On top of that, end-users can monitor and overview shipment activities in real-time.

Andersen’s team played two roles while working on the IT tool. On the one hand, the customer wanted to make the system more stable and user-friendly. Thus, they needed to expand their development team and get access to our IT talent pool possessing solid expertise in the field of blockchain. On the other hand, the customer lacked testing procedures and policies. As a result, the customer had to deal with multiple bugs and defects. Hance, Andersen’s team helped the customer set up QA processes.

Andersen’s expert team of full-stack developers with a significant blockchain track record was entrusted to resolve the tech challenge of transforming the way shippers, logistics service providers, and carriers manage global operational issues and handle multi-enterprise data. In addition, we were requested to provide our client with a QA team to implement a reliable testing framework for the project's web app.

duration8 months
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Page with shipment information and statuses


While working on that IT project, Andersen's team focused on designing and building a clean and user-friendly API as well as a range of robust, scalable, and high-performing enterprise-grade microservices. Another development task was all about applying cutting-edge P2P protocols to deliver a safe and decentralized solution.

As for the testing process, such procedures were set up from scratch. Our QA experts successfully designed a testing strategy, built a traceability matrix, and introduced a test reporting process.

App functionality

  • Public ledger system capable of keeping records concerning each shipped container, with all information and documentation safely encrypted and shared in one place
  • A complete analysis covering each operation carried out with the appropriate insights (timestamp events, verified transactions in a transparent fashion, etc.)
  • Smart contracts intended to ensure greater supply chain visibility and traceability
  • Leverage to keep all involved parties updated on containers’ whereabouts and their estimated time of arrival
  • Proof-backed communication channel

Project results

Andersen's team accomplished the IT project on time which totally satisfied the customer. As a result, shortly after the solution had been introduced, the customer started to save up to 15 minutes per freight booking transaction.

  • Andersen's team has successfully automated 75% of regression tests, reducing the likelihood of bugs and defects;
  • The implementation of a user-friendly and visually pleasing interface has facilitated navigation and increased efficiency in freight booking and shipping processes;
  • The cutting-edge P2P protocols utilized while delivering a safe and decentralized solution have ensured greater supply chain visibility and traceability;
  • The customer has achieved significant time savings – up to 15 minutes per freight booking transaction.

Customer review


Frank Sander

CTO at BC Platform



By supporting our software development project scope, Andersen has reduced the amount of time needed for development. Thus, they enabled us to release new app features quicker. Andersen's team was extremely open to feedback and proactive. This company is easy to work with. Their team members are determined, passionate about excellence, and unbelievably committed to customers' success.

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