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Enterprise-Grade QA for a Modular Configurator


"We are completely satisfied with the work of Andersen's QA and AQA"

Enterprise-Grade QA for a Modular Configurator

About the client

Andersen provided assistance for a Swedish consulting company that helps its end clients establish problem-solving cultures.

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About the project

Andersen provided services for configuration of an analytical system that supports the customer's primary activity, i.e. consulting. On the main page of this web application, there is a matrix of search criteria. After the user fills it out, they see the search results with the best-matching options. While the user is provided with only one page of criteria, the admin has access to multiple pages. The service can be adjusted to any product.

duration48 months
MS SQL Server


Jira, TestRail, Trello, Figma, NUnit, VS 2019, Selenium, Extent report


  • Lack of testing process as such
  • Unclear task descriptions
  • Difficulties when implementing automation testing due to the immature existing testing process


  • Introduced a project management tool for a transparent workflow
  • Gathered requirements to the logic of the app in the form of a user guide including page mockups and general features
  • Added a QA specialist to do task descriptions and approve of them with the customer
  • Implemented automation testing after stabilizing a general testing process
This is a process of testing user interface using Selenium which speeds up testing activities by minimum of 5 times


  • Development team now spends 15% less time for defining tasks
  • Testing process has been set from scratch
  • Testing coverage reached 85%
  • Testing time has been reduced by 30%
  • A structured and documented knowledge base of the product and testing process

Client's feedback


The quality of the application is significantly increased, clients give positive feedback and the team gives good statistics in the performance report. The well-coordinated work of the team helps develop valuable features, which attract potential clients. As a result, it was decided to focus on the UI part of the application to make it more user-friendly, so new tasks for development are defined. The problems with task description are still actual because the BA is not introduced to the project, but these problems are not so major because of the well-established communication of the team with our representatives. We are completely satisfied with the work of QA and AQA, always note their professional skills.

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