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A Reliable Web-Based Healthcare Tool for COVID-19 Diagnostics

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A Reliable Web-Based Healthcare Tool for COVID-19 Diagnostics

About the client

Andersen's customer was an ambitious tech company. Building healthcare solutions is one of their key domains of interest.

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Project overview

The diagnostics solution delivered by our team interprets files generated by PCR tools to provide lab staff with test results. Initially, the solution was used to detect the coronavirus infection in plates from PCR equipment, but then it was decided not to limit the system to COVID-19. We added new kinds of testing – namely, Fungi and Streptococcus tests. The main purpose of the testing system is to speed up and simplify the process of analyzing the results. Before, lab operators would analyze each test result from PCR devices manually to make a decision. It used to take them a lot of time (ranging from 20 minutes to 1 hour) and manual work to cope with those tasks. Now, the system is capable of simplifying the work of lab operators and saving them a considerable amount of time – with our solution, analyzing a plate and making a decision take less than a minute.

duration36 months
Spring Framework
Apache POI


Liquibase, PostgreSQL, Docker, Python

App functionality

As the result of our involvement, the following deliverables were developed:

  • Result interpretation algorithm;
  • Role management feature;
  • Log history;
  • Instrument management feature;
  • User management feature;
  • Plate location tracker;
  • Statistic viewer for conducted tests and samples.

Project results

The contribution made by our business analyst was crucial for the eventual success of this IT project. Among other things, we succeeded at:

  • Improving the way requirements and change requests are collected, analyzed, and documented;
  • Adding descriptions of any new UI elements according to the customer’s requirements to the table with UI elements and validations;
  • Holding productive refinement meetings with the team to discuss the upcoming changes and new features;
  • Assuming responsibility for creating such documentation as API documentation, release notes, a user guide, etc.
  • Ensuring a transparent way for requirements management to pass the international certifications;
  • Integrating user stories, including acceptance criteria, into the project documentation process.
  • Creating wireframes for new features or existing features to be improved. Whenever even the smallest design changes were required, our business analyst was ready to add them (in agreement with the customer);

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