Why a Business Analyst Is Needed on a Project

Maria Boyarko

Maria Boyarko

Head of the BA Department at Andersen

Business Analysis
Dedicated Team
Jun 1, 2021
9 minutes to read
  1. Who a Business Analyst is and when this specialist is needed
  2. The Business Analyst in the SDLC: the global source of product knowledge
  3. The Business Analyst? Why include one more specialist in the team? We’ve already got a Project Manager...
  4. How do I know that the Business Analyst has completed the job successfully?
  5. Conclusion

A successful IT project is the result of the planned, well-coordinated, and high-quality work of a team of specialists.

What do planned processes involve?

  • a vision of a future solution is worked out;
  • there is an understanding of the basic functionality and improvements;
  • a roadmap for project implementation is created;