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A Car Multimedia System

About the client

This collaboration united a Tier 1 for an America-based leading OEM and our efforts and expertise. The goal was to develop modern car multimedia software.

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Business Context

The IT project we carried out was focused on developing an intelligent multimedia system for modern connected vehicles, with entertainment capabilities. Andersen delivered:

  • Home screen with widgets;
  • Vehicle signals emulation (Windows);
  • Vehicle settings;
  • Connectivity settings;
  • Audio;
  • XSM Radio and weather services;
  • Phoning functionality.


This project aimed to develop a car multimedia system centered around a single display, which had been initiated nine months prior to the hardware Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) phase. The scope encompassed redesigning the user interface, utilizing Qt/QML, and ensuring consistent visual branding across all car models. Andersen's team focused on several key tasks, including crafting a robust software architecture, establishing a vehicle communication framework (including simulation tools), and developing essential applications using Qt/QML on top of the QNX platform.

Project overview

As a result of our engagement, the customer obtained everything that is necessary for next-gen intelligent vehicles.

Duration12 months


Jenkins, Jira



Andersen, in full conformity with the customer's multimedia guidelines, delivered the following results:

  • Full-stack software architecture for vehicle communication;
  • Qt-QML-based visual framework to enable UI development, as well as Windows-based simulation tools for an independent hardware development process and test automation;
  • QML plugin-based widget framework to build the home screen for multimedia and entertainment;
  • Phone call, vehicle, and connectivity settings applications;
  • Integrated SXM (SDARS) services with the QML-based user interface;
  • Styling and branding mechanisms to support different vehicles.

Project results

  • Full compliance of the car multimedia system project with deadlines, budgets, and specifications.

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