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An Automotive Software Design from UI/UX Experts

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An Automotive Software Design from UI/UX Experts

About the client

Andersen's UI/UX team has helped a prominent Tier 1 for EU-based OEM with its industry-specific automotive design challenges.

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Business Context

As our customer was concurrently focused on brand identity issues, streamlined user journeys, and maximizing the use of automotive equipment, they sought a center of expertise in automotive UI/UX design. Andersen was asked to join this challenging initiative.

Project overview

By contacting our company, the customer sought to find a provider of E2E UI/UX design expertise, including user journey planning, design, and applicable testing procedures.

Duration6 months
Adobe Photoshop
Rational DOORS
Autodesk Maya


Andersen's team developed a multiscreen complex UI based on the customer's functional specifications defined in Rational DOORS, with limited visual specification input. This involved defining design rules and patterns, creating UX flows according to user cases and ISO standards, and generating 2D/3D UI content. All the automotive UX flows were created successfully and passed multiple user tests using prototypes developed by the team.


Andersen fully rose to the occasion by:

  • Building over 500 automotive UX flows based on the functional specifications provided by the customer;
  • Establishing a library of UI components in accordance with the customer's brand guidelines;
  • Creating 2D and 3D automotive UIs for software development;
  • Conducting more than 10 user testing sessions to verify concepts;
  • Delivering end-to-end screen visualizations for multimedia and legislative content to the customer.

Project results

Andersen has achieved the main results anticipated by the customer:

  • Full conformity with the guidelines;
  • Project completed on time and within the agreed-upon budget.

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