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A Ready-to-Launch IT Tool for Shared Mobility

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A Ready-to-Launch IT Tool for Shared Mobility

About the client

In this case, Andersen was contacted by a company requiring assistance with a ready-to-launch solution for smart mobility and transportation businesses. The resulting tool was expected to enable them to swiftly launch their vehicle-sharing platform.

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Project overview

Andersen was approached by a company that needed assistance with delivering a ready-to-launch solution for smart mobility and transportation businesses. The resulting tool was expected to enable them to swiftly launch their vehicle-sharing platforms. As such, it needed to match an entire range of challenging criteria.

Among other things, it was to provide advanced fleet management capabilities, feature consumer-facing mobile apps, and offer connected vehicle technologies. With them, one needs to be able to start handling large-scale fleets in a matter of weeks.

The task we worked on was based on the growing demand for safer and more sustainable transportation and easily available mobility solutions. While discussing the future platform, the customer relied on Andersen's logistics expertise and IT talent pool to augment and strengthen its in-house software development team.

duration4 months
Spring Boot
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App functionality

Andersen has delivered the IT project in full conformity with the customer's demands and expectations. The deliverables include:

  • A powerful panel to manage vehicles, end-clients, and monitor the needed stats (e.g. real-time tracking and control of your fleet, heat map, and analytics to build demand projections)
  • Integrations with the vehicle types prepared for the shared mobility use (kick scooters, scooters, bikes, mopeds, cars, and more)
  • Notifications, online customer support live-chats, availability o the local payment systems, and other third-party service integrations (such as all the major IoT solutions and marketing software)
  • Algorithms capable of analyzing riding patterns, histories, weather forecasts, and fleet health to forecast where and how many vehicles one needs to have in place to maximize revenue


Andersen's objectives encompassed building and maintaining both front-end and back-end systems. In addition, our team was involved in implementing and supporting different integrations with third-party software (such as payment gateways, IoT systems, and marketing software). Finally, we were responsible for debugging and optimizing the existing code.

Project results

  • Outstanding user experience and an 18% improved client satisfaction rate;
  • A 13% reduction in labor costs for smart mobility and transportation businesses;
  • Optimized revenues thanks to informed vehicle deployment decisions by means of analytical algorithms;
  • Advanced fleet management capabilities and streamlined operations;
  • Swift platform launch and efficient large-scale fleet management via connected vehicle technologies.

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