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Andersen's customer, in this business case, was an independently owned British research agency, active in many regions in Europe and beyond. Functioning as a center of consumer and sensory research, they decided to upgrade the way they worked with clients. For this, the agency made a decision to build a special portal. They chose our company as a source of UX/UI expertise, possessing deep knowledge of marketing and able to assign specialists with the best matching competencies.

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Project overview

The UI design task we have undertaken is all about envisioning an intuitive, engaging, and informative portal for the target audience of a research agency. Their clients were expected to be able to easily:

  • Order marketing research packages and enter relevant details;
  • View the results of their research initiatives.
Duration12 months
UI/UX Design
Dashboard screen
Dashboard screen

Business Context

The mission of the envisioned portal and its MVP design concept was to streamline, facilitate, and automate business processes and interactions with clients.


When we were contracted, this ambitious MVP project had no assigned designer. Also, there was no design system in place, and numerous mockups were missing. Andersen was asked to close these gaps.

App functionality

The results ensured by our design specialist encompass:

  • Capability to view available marketing research tools and offerings;
  • Generation of research quotes;
  • Admin tools.
Reports page
Reports page


Andersen's scope covers:

  • Creating a UI kit for the customer;
  • Creating a new design for the MVP on the basis of the best UX practices;
  • Crafting general UI/UX patterns for intuitive user experiences.

Project results

  • Design system created for the MVP;
  • Visual style, information architecture, and user flows established;
  • Mockups for the primary user flows are already available, including the selection of a research tool and creation of a quote;
  • Several existing pages redesigned.

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