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A FinTech Tool for a Bank to Manage Personal Finance

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A FinTech Tool for a Bank to Manage Personal Finance

About the client

General Financing is a Lithuania-based financial organization. Their key business area in this capacity is to offer personalized loans to end clients.

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Project overview

Andersen developed a cutting-edge FinTech software solution with a focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience. The native mobile app for Android and iOS that we delivered offers a comprehensive range of features for personal finance management. They include convenient payments, remote authentication, real-time account balances, loan management, client finance management, and more. The flexible Back-end architecture, based on Kotlin, Swift, Java, and Spring, enables easy integration and adaptation to meet the changing needs of clients.

duration14 months
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App screens with a loan calculator and active deals

Application functionality

  • Remote authentication (to identify customers via biometric recognition) for bank office activities
  • Real time accounts balances
  • Payments
  • Additional profile and Bank information
  • Profile and Bank settings
  • Customer finance management (automated finance curation, budgeting, financial goals, analytics) and accounts aggregation service (customer fin accounts information from third parties)
  • Enrollment and onboarding
  • Accounts detailed information and statements
  • Loan management: online loan application in real time, loan refunds, loan detailed information, instalments, statements
  • Notifications and messages
  • Deposit management (online deposit creation, deposit additional payments, deposit withdrawals, deposit detailed information, statements)



The native mobile application for both Android & iOS. Main technology stack: Kotlin, Swift. Middleware web-service is an integration module between the mobile app and backend. The web-service implementation is based on a REST-architecture approach. Main technology stack: Java, Spring. Backend inner service is powered by Oracle PL/SQL.


The flexible backend architecture makes it easy to add new API functionality according to Customer needs

  • 23% Increase in number of clients who were attracted by the native customer oriented e-banking app within the first 6 month after the e-Banking app made it into the market.
  • 8% Loan deals` growth in the first 6 months from apps publishing.

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