About the client

Grandery is a digital advertising agency with a global reach. Being a data-intensive company, they need advanced solutions to deal with enormous volumes of information.

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Project overview

Andersen was approached by a digital advertising agency with a global reach. This customer required expert-level assistance to improve the way they were collecting, storing, and processing enormous amounts of heterogeneous ad-related data. Owing to our tech and marketing knowledge, we have made it possible for the customer to obtain a secure and highly-functional data system.

duration11 months


React.js, JavaScript, TypeScript


.NET, C#, .NET Core, .NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC, xUnit


MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Cosmos DB


Git, AWS, Azure, Elasticsearch, MSTest, Jasmine, SpecFlow

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With our contribution, the customer can now use a reliable data lake tailored specifically to the needs of this international advertising agency. That is, the customer's team is able to assess and analyze significant amounts of crucial statistical and analytical information – including impressions, clicks, views, posts, and user surveys – in a well-structured and convenient way.

Among other things, the resulting solution offers the following advantages:

  • Its architecture is designed to ensure high performance, unification, ease of support, and vendor-independence. As a result, the customer can now easily transfer their data lake and data pipelines from Azure to other cloud provider – for example, Google or Amazon.
  • It has its own unified scheduler and UI engine, unified data pipeline development framework, code generator for such pipelines, and unified data collectors.
  • Over 40 data sources are now available, including Google, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms.
  • Finally, the data lake/DWH was migrated from an on-premise SQL Server/SSIS to a Spark/Azure, Databricks/Snowflake cloud.

Project results

In this context, the following Andersen’s contributions are of particular importance:

  • A code generator for data/ETL pipelines, allowing the customer to save dozens of working hours when they need to link and activate new data sources. The number of associated errors was also significantly reduced.
  • A library of ETL pipeline functions, which unifies various pipelines, simplify the development process, and facilitate support procedures.
  • Support for new data sources and performance optimization.

Finally, a DCP upload functionality was created by one of our specialists to process and validate files uploaded via the Excel system.

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