About the client

Andersen's customer was a Baltic FinTech company and EU-licensed eMoney institution, with 300 people working in 15 different cities worldwide. They provide a wide range of fast, convenient, and affordable financial and related services globally.

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About the company

The project is implemented by a Baltics-based FinTech company and an EU-licensed eMoney institution with 300 people working in 15 different cities worldwide. The customer provides fast, convenient, and affordable financial and related services globally, thus offering a wide range of services. The main ones include a payment gateway for e-shops, a top-notch finance management app, money transfers, currency conversion, payment cards, a parcel locker network, and others. Internationally, the company’s network is expanding via a franchise-like joint venture model, connecting companies from different countries.

duration12+ months


PHP 7, Symfony, Kubernetes, Python




MySQL, PostgreSQL


REST APIs, VMWare, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Harbor, Toran, Verdaccio, PHPUnit, Mockery, Codeception, Jest, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ

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Overview of the data and statistics of transactions

Project overview

The company implements a large and complex product, split into separate microservices, developed and deployed separately, providing payment-related services – multi-currency banking accounts for its end-clients. End-client can use various transfers, a payment gateway, solutions for retailers, various API integrations, mobile applications. The project is a long-term one, with complex business logic. Much effort is invested in infrastructure, reusable components, effective development processes, and constant technical improvement. It also involves a lot of custom and tailored solutions.

One of the features implemented is detecting abnormal behavior of clients. It is based on an LSTM type neural network. The latter is trained via transaction logs, revealing deviations from the patterns of normal client behavior. The detector is used in checking the security of financial transactions.

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User cards and exchange functionality with a calculator

Key functionality

  • International transfers via multi-currency accounts;
  • Daily spending, recurring payments for monthly bills, split bill & request money features, and shared accounts;
  • A payment gateway: online payment processing for eShops and a payment processing tool that makes it possible to accept payments in different countries and in different currencies – by card, eBanking tools, and other popular payment methods;
  • Payment cards – clients can order a card, select its color, and manage accounts in the mobile app. Payment cards can also be added to such platforms as Apple Pay or Google Pay;
  • In-app virtual card issuance;
  • Online currency exchange and gold trading online;
  • Lockers – parcel locker network open to all couriers, managed via mobile app;
  • The delivery service – clients (merchants) can offer their buyers to choose delivery by the most popular couriers in their country with almost no additional effort for an eShop owner;
  • Tickets: online self-service ticketing system for festivals, private parties, and training courses and distribution of tickets with a fast and convenient way to pay and free of any additional fees;
  • Implementing A/B testing, hypothesis analysis, update rollouts, and maintenance schedules.

Project results

  • The solution fully compliant with international security standards (KYC, Fraud Prevention, AML, GDPR, and PCI-DSS).
  • Product scaled to more than 20 countries and 700,000 clients.
  • Clients performed more than six mln transfers across over 20 different currencies.
  • The launch of the customer's own delivery service in addition to an eShop checkout solution.
  • The Scrum approach introduced to software development.
  • A mobile app and a watchOS app have been launched.

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