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A Worktime-Tracking Tool for a Manufacturing Enterprise

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A Worktime-Tracking Tool for a Manufacturing Enterprise

About the client

4JET is a Germany-based technology company working in the domain of industrial manufacturing. The company is a leading provider of laser systems and surface treatment technologies.

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Project overview

Andersen was entrusted with developing and redeveloping the software needed for internal project control procedures and task management IT system. Our customer, in this business case, was a fast-growing tech startup — a leading provider of laser systems and surface treatment technologies.

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Wicket framework

App functionality

The Toolbox system features multiple functionalities and resembles a CRM solution. Andersen's team was mainly focused on the Worktime Recording capability (i.e., the back-end part). The key aspects of our involvement were as follows:

  • When a user clicks on the "Start Work" button, the system automatically calculates the maximum possible work shift period and assigns mandatory work breaks in accordance with German law;
  • Users can specify a work break at any moment, if needed. In this case, the system recalculates their timing following the legislation;
  • Users are free to choose "Workpackage" or "Sevice Ticket" options to track their working time;
  • In addition, users can specify the particular office they are going to work at and select a vacant work station;
  • It is also possible to claim a vacation and take a sick day or a day-off based on employees' off-hour work, maternity leaves, etc.;
  • All data previously added can be edited, one can add working days, etc.;
  • Based on this time tracker, different system warnings and notifications are generated, such as an insufficient number of breaks, working hours exceeding the limits imposed by German legislation, too many overtime hours, an insufficient number of vacation days, etc.;
  • Implementing techniques like lazy loading, code splitting, caching, and Server-Side Rendering for performance optimization.


Andersen's team successfully grasped the solution envisioned by the customer. On top of that, we proposed a range of approved improvements and finalized the final scope jointly with the customer, including the look and feel, new features, capabilities, functions, etc. After that, Andersen's team delivered the solution in its entirety, following the guidelines agreed upon.

Project results

After the new system was delivered, the customer conducted a survey. It covered 84 employees and compared the new functions with the old tracking system. According to the survey results, 25% of the employees hadn't used the old system and, therefore, couldn't compare it with a new one; 6% only considered the new system worse than the previous one.

  • 89% employee satisfaction rate with 69% of users preferring the new system to the previous one;
  • Work shift periods automatically calculated and mandatory breaks assigned in compliance with German laws;
  • Flexible tracking options and vacation/sick day claims;
  • Warnings for compliance issues generated to help the company better track working hours.

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